Ch 4 - April 6th, 2015

J.D. Taffet, PhD
Institute for Quantum Computing
University of Waterloo
200 University Ave. West
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
N2L 3G1

April 8, 2016

Dr. Alexandra Ridley
Reserach Lead
Institute of Temporal Physics
350 Columbia St. West
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
N2L 6E8

Dear Dr. Ridley,

            In response to your inquiry regarding the origin, construction, and cause of failure of the circuit board that you provided for examination. I, myself along with my graduate students and colleagues in the Institute for Nanotechnology and Engineering faculty have found your sample to be a fascinating study. As far as any of us were aware fibre-channel circuitry using optical switching was still mostly theoretical with limited experimental success. To see that someone has already progressed the technology to the point of mass production is revolutionary. If I may ask, where did you manage to obtain it? We have a bit of a wager on which company is behind its production, since Nanexica is an obvious codename or research subsidiary for a larger corporate entity. Should you know the answer, the winner of the wager will invest the proceeds in this mysterious company.

            The board's origins are a bit of a mystery, as the manufacturer has taken unusual steps to disguise its origin. Firstly the country of origin has been printed as the "Chinese Republic of Korea" which, as I am sure you are aware, is meaningless. Secondly although some effort appears to have been taken to use a meaningful serial number format that describes the product function, line, iteration, and unit number, the designation "2401" serves no apparent purpose. Normally I might expect to see the month and year of manufacture, but that instead seems to have been left off.

            As I have already mentioned, the construction of the board is revolutionary. The on-chip components are entirely optical and produced on a scale far smaller than the theoretical 5nm limitation on traditional silicon semi-conductor transistors. In this case the components have been fabricated at a 500pm scale (0.5nm) by employing nanowire based cavities that use polaritonic interactions for all-optical switching. The possibilities presented by the very existence of these chips are mindboggling. Forget preserving Moore's law, this will blow it out of the water... If it works.

            Which brings me to the cause of failure and damage the board has suffered. It appears to have been subjected to a significant power surge that has damaged it severely. All of the board's power connectors, metallic components, and copper wiring were overloaded causing significant arcing and subsequent heat damage to the board. Fortunately since much of the wiring is fibre-optic and the density of copper components is far lower than in traditional electronics, significant sections of the board and chipset avoided the worst of the effects. The board is non-functional in its current state, and it is un-repairable, however we can still learn much from the components.


J.D. Taffet, PhD


RE: Document Reconstruction Request #A01837 (ITP) [inbox]
Private Investigation Bureau of Canada <Document.Reconstruction@PIBC.CA> April 15, 2015 (3 days ago)
to Paul Grandy <>

Attn: Paul Grandy, Institute of Temporal Physics (ITP)

            We have concluded our attempts to analyze and reconstruct the documents you have provided with limited success. A summary of our efforts is as follows.


            Investigation was able to determine that the original package contained seven pages that had adhered together, though remained relatively flat with minimal curling or twisting. The topmost layers were directly exposed to the source of combustion and as a result became extremely charred and fragile. The damage was further compounded by exposure to the turbulence induced by the fire-suppression system, removal from their original container, as well as careless handling that resulted in most of the pages disintegrating and rendering their remaining fragments indecipherable and unrecoverable.

            The page located second from the bottom in the stack remained mostly intact, protected from much of the damage by being insulated and protected by the surrounding layers. Examining the document using reflectivity analysis methods was enough to determine the page was single-sided, making further analysis a simpler task. The recency of the charring and relatively young age of the document resulted in reasonable success performing contact photography of the document. A light-sensitive emulsion reacting with off-gassing from the charred paper produces a negative image where the gasses are blocked by ink traces on the surface. Repeated development, printing, and re-photographing was able to produce sufficient contrast that made the original document 90% recoverable. The majority of unrecoverable text was limited to the upper section of the document where the damage was most significant.

End of Summary

            Included below is a transcription of the reconstructed document. We cannot guarantee perfect accuracy of the transcription as corrections and assumptions have been made where the legibility of the recovered document was too poor, but such corrections have been limited to places where the intended text was reasonable clear from the surrounding context. The transcription has been left blank in any place where reasonable extrapolation was not possible. The recovered document high resolution images have been attached to this email. The master negative, prints, and original document will be delivered by courier to the address you have already provided.

            If you have any questions or concerns with the services we have provided you, please contact us at:

Department of Forensic Document Reconstruction
1332 Bloor Street West, M6H 1P2, Toronto, ON
(416) 817-7246

Document Transcription

            Accusations have turned to arrests today as Muslim family grief counselor Ammar Seif living in Toronto has been detained pursuant to a security certificate issued under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). The security certificate attested that the Ministers had reasonable grounds to believe that he was a member of al-Qaeda, has lied about his past to get into Canada and to training in Afghanistan to engage in terrorist activities.

            Recently Mr. Seif has come under fire at Queen's Park as the MPP for Trinity-Spadina accused him of indoctrinating and radicalizing a dozen Ontario youths to leave the country and join militant groups overseas. "Mr. Seif was in a privileged position as a counselor and confidant for young people dealing with sickness and death in their family, he took advantage of them, using their pain to twist and distort their beliefs to follow his instruction. The man is a monster, and what is he teaching our children? What does he say that makes grieving kids suddenly abandon their families and decide to join the Islamic State?". Members of the provincial legislature have parliamentary privilege, immunity against prosecution for actions and statements made in the course of their duties.

            In the past year, twelve Ontario youths have traveled to Turkey and then joined jihadi forces. Nine of the youths had previously attended counselling session with Mr. Seif independently or through a community based support group for families of people living with cancer at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre where he was employed.

            Mr. Seif was unreachable for comment, and faces deportation to Syria.

End of Document Transcription


Institute of Temporal Physics (ITP)
Temporal Analysis Particle Accelerator (TAPA) Experimental Log

APRIL 21, 2016 - Peak Energy 9.8TeV Entanglement Resonance Receiver Test

            This experiment is to test the creation of overlapping temporal feedback loops by establishing a secondary large duration loop within a pre-existing loop, and a duration endpoint beyond the end of the initial loop. An initial loop (hereafter referred to as the Alpha loop) has been successfully established with an initiation date and time of 23:10 on September 23rd, 2015 and a period of 8y 186d 21h 24m 16s at a peak energy of 9.8TeV.

            Reconditioning of test chamber completed as of April 19, 2016 and test conditions reset for establishment of Beta loop. Expected Beta loop duration with 9.8TeV energy input is unchanged at 8y 186d 21h 24m 16s.

Experiment Log

2:37pm - TAPA ramp has completed and proton stream cycling at 9.8TeV. Resonance field calibration reading 97% spike at 42.5781MHz/T. TES process initiated over containment vessel, est. TTC 11m47s

2:43pm - Resonance field remaining stable at 97%, no fluctuations in power levels observed. Operating temperature at TES junction stable.

2:50pm - TES cycle completed, shutdown procedure started

2:53pm - Dr. Ridley extract containment vessel, no payload present.

Signed: Matthew Cendric, Alexandra Ridley


Experimental Post-Mortem Discussion Summary

Participants: Alexandra Ridley, Matthew Cendric, Amarjit Singh, Timofey Zavrazhny, Lorena Galletti, Riya Sastri, Paul Grandy

Others in attendance: Daniil Kapriyanov

Preface: A TAPA Entanglement Resonance Test was conducted on April 21, 2016. The test as designed was to establish a temporal loop overlapping with the ongoing experiment initiated on September 23, 2015. This secondary test concluded with no significant resonance fluctuations or energy spike and completed without receiving a payload.

Purpose: To conjure and document possible sources of failure, allowing free discussion and speculation along conceivable lines of inquiry. The purpose of this meeting is not to evaluate or argue the merits of any presented idea, but to catalogue them for future review and evaluation.

            Possibilities put forward during the post-mortem discussion revolved closely around a few central themes.

            The first, simplest, and most likely theme dealt with the project itself and possible barriers that may have prevented the experiment from being completed. The most likely explanation being that at the predicted transmission time, experimenters were unable or uninterested in communicating. The reasons could be as varied as the project being defunded, shut down, or repurposed. There may be a corruption of the experimental state, possible damage to the accelerator, or equipment failure. Human error may also play a role, failure to match the transmission window, or simple miscalculation. The possibilities are endless, unpredictable, and fruitless to attempt to accommodate without additional information.

            The second theme of the discussion was primarily speculative in nature, that the conclusion of the primary experiment negated the necessity of the second. Of course this discussion raised the possibility of what event or circumstance could negate the need for completing the secondary experiment. Since we have no foreknowledge of such possibilities, the logical leap is that the need was negated by final termination of the primary experiment which quickly resulted in ideas that fall under the third theme.

            The third theme was mostly theoretical and encompassed the nature of space and time itself. As per the theoretical nature of the discussion, it only produced more questions. Where the first two themes of discussion assumed that communication outside of an unclosed time loop is possible, the third considered the possibilities and consequences if it isn't.

            Assuming that we cannot communicate outside of an unclosed time loop, then the possibility exists that the sender cannot exist unless the loop has been closed, which means we could theoretically nest loops, but we cannot overlap them. Like soap bubbles.

            The possibility presents some disturbing possibilities, that without intentionally closing the time loop the future may not exist. What if we have torn a hole in the fabric of space-time, by creating a time loop we have initiated an ever expanding bubble of space-time that has become disconnected from the rest of the universe?

            Suppose that the universe that is too far away to have observed the creation of our time bubble is unaffected by it - information cannot exceed the speed of light - but as the event horizon reaches them they become part of the bubble. What if the time comes that we close the loop, will the rest of the universe seem to jump forward in time? Will we have jumped forward in time? Will the event horizon collapse, or will it continue to expand infinitely? How far has it expanded already? Assuming this is in fact the seventh loop, at 8.5 years per loop we are already looking at a bubble 120 light years in diameter centered on earth.

            What if the extent of the observable universe is itself an unclosed time loop, we exist inside the bubble created by an experiment that began 13.82 billion years ago that appears to be continuously expanding because we are trapped inside it?

            What will happen when we close the loop? Is it even possible to close it? Can it be done logically by repeating the same experimental package? Or is that a fallacy, since we possess artifacts from test iterations that exist only in abstract every package will necessarily be unique. Which means, is the only way to close the time loop by not transmitting and hoping beyond hope that ourselves, receiving no transmission, will do likewise? And if that is the case, how will we know whether or not we ever succeeded? Is all this work for nothing?

            The speculation along this third theme continued, but began receding into abstract possibilities not worth recording in further detail.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Gendarmerie royale du Canada

"C" Division
4225 Dorchester Boulevard
Westmount, QC
H3Z 1V5

Security Classification / Designation
Classification / Désignation sécuritaire

April 25, 2016 / 25 avril 2016

Re: Missing Persons Report for Mr. Jacob CENDRIC

            This letter is in response to the missing persons report filed for a Mr. Jacob CENDRIC, incident number WM16102943 dated March 14, 2016.

            We believe that the subject of the missing persons report has left the country under his own free will. A male matching the provided description and resembling the provided photographs was recorded by security footage at Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) between the hours of 20h12 and 20h55 on March 24, 2016. The person was recorded passing through security and at Gate 59 boarding flight Lufthansa 475 to Ankara (ESB) connecting through Munich (MUC) in the company of a female passenger.

            Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) records show that one Mr. Jacob SENTRK (age 15) passed through customs holding a Turkish passport while accompanied by a female (age 22) using a different name and also holding a Turkish passport who he claimed was his elder sister. Their stated reason for departure was to visit family in Kirikkale.

            Inquiries with Turkish law enforcement by the Canadian Embassy in Ankara has been met with limited success. Turkish officials to date have not been able to confirm the arrival of Mr. Jacob CENDRIC, Mr. Jacob SENTRK or the person accompanying him using either Turkish or Canadian passports. Local police in Kirikkale have informed the embassy that the provided address in Kirikkale does not exist.



April 18, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your child Mary Cendric (Rm 117), has been referred by his/her teacher for a psychological assessment by a registered psychologist under the administrative authority of the principal. Prior to undertaking any psychological assessment, written consent must be provided by the pupil's parent or guardian.

The reasons given for your child's referral are as follows:

  • A significant change has been observed in your child's attitude and participation within the classroom.

  • The academic performance of your child has fallen.

  • At times your child has expressed a state of emotional distress in a verbal or non-verbal manner.

            The purpose of a psychological assessment is to determine if there are any circumstances or recent events that have affected your child's mental, emotional, or physical wellbeing and determine if there are any support services available for your child that may be appropriate. The psychological assessment will provide you information to help you know your child better, and give you ideas to aid your child in feeling, behaving, and learning better.

            The nature of the psychological assessment includes two separate but related components: testing and assessments. The first component is standardized testing through non-graded norm-referenced questionnaires and checklists. Psychological assessment may include surveys, interview responses, school and medical records, medical evaluation, and observational data. The psychologist will select a set of tests and assessments appropriate for your child, and together testing and assessment will allow the psychologist to gather a full picture of your child's strengths and limitations.

            A psychological assessment involves several steps. The psychologist will first meet with you, your child, and with your child's teacher to explain more about the assessment that they will be conducting, collect information about your child, and may ask you to fill out some questionnaires. The psychologist may choose to observe your child interacting in his/her classroom. The psychologist will then meet individually with your child on several occasions and will spend time talking with your child about his/her life, concerns, and feelings. The psychologist will also do some individual testing with your child such as puzzles, drawings, telling a story, or answering questions. Once these steps are completed the psychologist will write a report and meet with you and your child's teacher to share the information, results, and recommendations.

Please sign the following consent form and return it to the school's office by May 2nd, 2016

            I acknowledge and consent to a psychological assessment to be conducted upon my child by a registered psychologist:

Cheryl Cendric

On this date:

April 26, 2016

Keatsway Public School

Waterloo Region District School Board Psychological Services


Lufthansa Mobile Boarding Pass
Mobile Boarding Pass - DOC


Lufthansa wishes you a pleasant flight.

Data - DOC

Name:Kapriyanov, Daniil
Flight:YYZ-VIE OS 072
(op. by AUA)
Class:Economy Flex
etix:220 2100257541
Duration:0 stops 08h35min +1day
Price:CAD 2,363.16

You have access to your Passenger Receipt at up to 30 days after beginning your journey.

Here you will find information about liability and insurance. Dangerous Goods and EU passenger rights.


Hotel Sacher Wien

Philharmonikerstraße 4, A-1010 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0) 1 514 560
Fax: +43 (0) 1 514 568 10

Hotel Sacher Wien is one of the world’s great luxury hotels in one of Europe’s most culturally significant cities: the birthplace of psychoanalysis and a city of musicians, artists, philosophers and architects. Our famous guests have included John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi and Queen Elizabeth. We are proud of our history and our location, and true to our traditions. But we also provide the highest standard of comfort, superb service and every modern technology and amenity that our guests from all around the world need.

Your Reservation and Hotel Details

Your Confirmation Number is 66810608.

Guest Name: Mr. Daniil Kapriyanov

Number of Rooms: 1

Number of Guests: 1 adult(s)

Room Type: Superior Room

Room Description: Superior elegant atmosphere with crystal chandeliers and original paintings. Highest possible comfort through air-conditioning, free access to Wi-Fi network, flat screen TV, safe, mini bar, bathrobes. Original Sacher Cube.

Arrival: 05/06/16

Departure: 05/08/16

Rate Description: Best available daily price including all taxes and fees. Buffet breakfast is served at EUR 37.00 per person Free use of Wi-Fi network

Additional Information: Flight NR. OS072; Flight Arrival 08h25

Total Room:                    € 1,070.00
Additional Services
1x Breakfast Buffet:        € 74.00
1x Limousine Transfer:   € 55.00
TOTAL:                           € 1,199.00

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation terms

A cancellation charge until 4 May 2016 13:00 (local time at hotel). The fee for a late cancellation is 1 night

Check-in provisions

Arrival from 14h00 to 12h00 Departure

Children provisions

Children older than 6 years are counted as adults and pay full price.

Pets Policy

Pets are allowed. The daily fee is € 37.00 per animal.

Arrival Hotel Sacher Wien

No matter if you are travelling by car, train or airplane - the Hotel Sacher Wien in the heart of Vienna benefits of excellent transport connection. All highways are well-signposted and the way through the city is easy to find - just follow the signs indicated in German as Wien Zentrum/Stadtmitte. The Hotel is easily accessible from the train stations and the Vienna International Airport (VIE) by public means of transport as the S-Bahn or the City Airport Train (CAT), taxi and of course our exclusive limousine service. The underground station "Karlsplatz, Oper" and the tram station "Kärntner Ring, Oper" are just moments away from the hotel.